Good Bye

Good Bye
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Hey guys it’s Harold here, I wanted to take sometime out to thank you for all the support I have received from you since I started my first big blog site For most of you, you know that I am a writer and a humorist. I like to write funny articles about things I see in everyday life sadly that doesn’t pay much. I mean it doesn’t pay at all, I ran for years and I think the most I got out of it was $300 bucks over three years. Now don’t get me wrong it was good to make some kind of money off of the site, but when you look at the cost of running a website it was crazy to think that was all I made. I was then inspired by YouTuber Grace Randolph and her approach to movie news so I decided to do my own podcast.So back in 2011 I started “Flix Fix”.

Before I even talked once on the podcast the format of the podcast changed so many times. It was at first going to be a round table discussion of a given movie, then just movie news, and then finally I decided to make it a two man operation. I asked a friend I had at the time to help me out. Seeing as that we talk about movies all the time I felt it would be easy thing for us to do. So right before a episode I would pick up some articles then talk about them for about a hour. After only five episodes we parted ways on the podcast. He felt that he could not give any time to a project that wasn’t giving him any $$$. So I kept going with just me talking about movie news.

Then in the summer of 2012 I split the show into two episodes, this would give me the ability to talk about movie news, and the box office without taking up 2 hours out of peoples day. So instead of just a Thursday episode people would have one on Monday as well. I then had another friend of mine help me with the show and has been a big help for me growing my brand. You guys might know him as Jose. Him and I did a review of what our top picks for summer block busters would be. Because it was just going to be a special it would be easy just to knock those out and do the rest on my own.

I would keep this format for the rest of the year, inviting friends and family members to join me on the podcast but in a guest spot only. Sadly in 2012 I had to leave one job, the another let me go, and I had all together had just 5 solid months of employment. It looked like nothing was going to work out and the site was doomed. Then the bright idea hit me to start this website. It would be dedicated to just movies and my love for movies. So it was with a sad heart that in February of 2013 I had to kill but with great joy was able to launch this site in its place. Thank you everyone for all the support over the years and I promise you that haven’t heard the last from me. At least not yet.